Destiny’s obstacle course.

I made this obstacle course it is so fun to make i made this obstacle course in my backyard.My favorite part of this obstacle course is the bunny hop over the yellow jumpy sticks.

One thought on “Destiny’s obstacle course.

  1. Hello Destiny,

    Manar here from the Summer Learning Journey Team.

    You have put a lot of effort into your obstacle course, very well done! I like how you have also included a mega nerfgun to shoot your shot before moving onto the next obstacle in the course. I like how you have also included the monkey bars for an extra challenge, nice work! Skipping 4 bars at once, this reminds me when I used to always do the monkey bars and get a lot of blisters on my hands. How can you add an extra element of challenge when doing your obstacle course, I will give you a clue to what I am thinking: a stopwatch. Looking forward to your next blogpost!

    Keep up the great work!
    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)

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